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Dominick Dunne says:

“I was mesmerized from beginning to end by Christopher Mason’s elegantly written history of the swanky case that has riveted the art and social worlds for half a dozen years. His depiction of Taubman and his beautiful and controversial wife, Judy, is fascinating. His understanding of the legalities and courtroom dramas is wickedly precise. His knowledge of the ways of high society is uncanny. His social climbing anecdotes are hilarious. The Art of the Steal is very entertaining indeed.”

             -- Dominick Dunne

“Christopher Mason is a master storyteller. The Art of the Steal is a brilliant work of criminal investigation, a gripping account of high society at its worst, and a thumping page-turner to boot. Mason is that rare combination of writer and chronicler: like Truman Capote and Louis Auchincloss, he is able to live among those he describes, giving the reader a true picture of life on Park Avenue.

-- Amanda Foreman, author of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire


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“Christopher Mason tells a jaw-dropping tale of greed, fear and folly . . . a chilling and deeply satisfying moral tale . . . Mason is a meticulous researcher . . .

an excellent book”

                                       Robert Lacey, The Sunday Times

“a genuine antitrust thriller, a gripping yarn of real-

life collusion that is spiced up with Picassos, class warfare, art market bitchiness and the rather unsettling conclusion that some well-heeled villains got away with it.”

The Economist

“. . . a genuinely entertaining page-turner . . . the quality of prose and integrity of research revealed throughout this exemplary book . . . Mason is scrupulously fair . . . effortlessly entertaining and well informed.”


“. . . based on more than 2,400 interviews conducted by the author with over 300 sources, everyone from convicts to Coronets, not to mention 2,145 pages and nearly 2,000 pertinent press clippings. That none of this shows, that the story flows so seamlessly and grippingly is really a remarkable achievement.


“Mason serves up tantalizing details that give new insights into the famous scandal.”

Art + Auction

“. . . enough boldface names, sumptuous parties and art world gossip to make it a tantalizing read . . . Other scandals are newer, but given the juicy prose and detail, consider this one worth revisiting.”


“. . . the subject matter is rich and captivating. Mason’s delivery, generally that of an eloquent and knowledgeable insider, makes The Art of the Steal an engaging read as well as an invaluable source-book on the recent history

of the auction world.”

Art in America

“Mason brings high society pretty low.”

Daily News (New York)

“an extremely entertaining, dishy account of the Sotheby’s price-fixing scandal and Alfred Taubman and Dede Brooks and the whole cast of Park Avenue piranhas.”

Tina Brown, CNBC

Topic A with Tina Brown

“. . . an excellent book, thoroughly researched, well-written and with a good eye for details and some wonderful anecdotes.
Daily Telegraph

“A must-read for the art world.”

Josh Baer, The Baer Faxt

“Incredibly detailed and full of dirt from the insiders who saw it all unfold - this makes for an addictive Hamptons read, considering all the tycoons in your midst.”


“The Art of the Steal more than does justice to a business scandal whose intricate details make for a

fascinating read.”

The Economic Times of India

“A lively, anecdote-packed saga . . . an amazing and depressing chronicle of greed in the name of culture that should (but probably won’t) keep art buyers from ever walking into an auction house again.”

Publishers Weekly

“A damning story of dirty dealing.”

Kirkus Reviews

“a rollicking good read”

Maine Antique Digest

“Antitrust aficionados should not miss the recently published price-fixing thriller about greed, collusion, priceless works of art, monopoly pricing, consumer harm, DOJ subpoenas, lust, romance. Just what you would expect in an antitrust page-turner!”

Robert W. Doyle, Jr.

American Antitrust Institute review

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